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Protect Your Home With a Backflow Preventer

You rely on your plumbing system to bring you freshwater for use in your household activities and if you utilize a boosted pump, GWA requires you to have a backflow preventer. Reduced Pressure Backflow Assemblies is designed to prevent backflow caused by backpressure or backsiphonage which could result in backflow within your system, potentially contaminating the water source for you and your neighbors. Backflowing water can carry contaminants and harmful chemicals back to the main water supply, causing a significant health concern. Barrett Plumbing can help you avoid this problem with a backflow preventer at your Guam home. This device will protect your system from backflow and give you peace of mind that your water is clean and safe for use. We also repair and provide annual certification as required by GWA. Contact us today for additional information.

Plumber fitting a pipe of a sink

What Is a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer?

A reduced pressure zone backflow preventer is a device that allows water to flow in one direction, but never in the opposite direction. Water entering your home from the water main is only supposed to move in one direction, flowing into your home. However, sometimes pressure changes and other conditions can cause the water to move backward, allowing water to seep back into the main supply line. This backward movement can potentially contaminate the public water supply with harmful pollutants like fertilizers, human waste, chlorine, or soap. A backflow preventer is installed onto pipes and acts as a one-way gate that allows water in but stops water that tries to flow out.

backflow prevention installation

Professional Installation From Our Team

At Barrett Plumbing, we offer our customers professional installation of backflow preventers. With our advanced knowledge and experience in the field, you can be assured your new backflow prevention device will be installed right and will function correctly to protect your family as well as neighboring families. We will carefully assess your plumbing system and determine which device will work best for your home. We’ll then use the best methods to ensure it’s installed properly.

Trouble Shooting & Repair

As with other plumbing components, backflow preventers can encounter problems. If you are concerned that your backflow preventer is not working as it should, our team can provide service to discover the issue. With advanced knowledge of plumbing systems, we can troubleshoot the problem until we determine the cause. We can then provide the repairs needed to fix the device and ensure it is working properly to protect your family.

Hire Us for the Job

When it comes to your plumbing system, you want to hire an experienced plumber to get the job done correctly. Barrett Plumbing has been in business for 48 years and is the longest-running plumbing business on Guam. As a family-owned business, we provide personalized services to meet the unique needs of our customers. Be sure to hire us for any assistance needed for your backflow preventer or other components of your plumbing system.

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