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Boosted Water & Submersible Sewer Pumps

Sometimes, island pressure isn’t strong enough to provide sufficient water pressure for your needs or maybe your wastewater needs a push to discharge into the GWA sewer line. If so, we can assess your needs and design a system with specialized equipment and components catered to meet your requirements and needs that is functional, practical, and serviceable. At Barrett Plumbing, we are your local plumbing experts with experience in all areas of plumbing, septic, and sewer systems. Contact us today for additional information or to schedule service.

water pump

Boosted Water Pumps

Does your home have low water pressure that makes it hard to shower, clean dishes, and complete other tasks effectively? A boosted water pump could be the solution you need. This pump can be installed directly to your water source to increase the water’s pressure to your desired level. If you think this could be the right solution for your home, the team at Barrett Plumbing can help you choose the correct model and install it. Our water boosted pumps can help if you have low water pressure due to:

  • Extended distance from the water source
  • Low city water pressure
  • Additional water systems on the property
  • Plumbing issues
  • Gravity
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Submersible Sewer Pumps

Sewer pumps are a necessary part of your waste removal system, pumping waste from your home and into the city sewer system. These pumps help to ensure your waste is flowing in the proper direction, away from your home, rather than backing up or getting stuck. At Barrett Plumbing, we can install, troubleshoot, and repair submersible sewer pumps on your property. With years of experience, we have the knowledge to identify any potential issues and take care of them right away.

Hire Us to Repair, Maintain, & Install Pumps

Are you currently having problems with your water or sewer pump? Does your home have poor water pressure? Does your home backflow from the holding tank? Barrett Plumbing has a solution for both of these problems. We can repair, maintain and install water boosted and sewer pumps at your home. With more than four decades in business, we’re the team to assess and satisfactorily complete your pump services as needed.

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